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Sample text
Description: Intracerebral hemorrhage (very acute clinical changes occurred immediately).
CC: Left hand numbness on presentation; then developed lethargy later that day.

HX: On the day of presentation, this 72 y/o RHM suddenly developed generalized weakness and lightheadedness, and could not rise from a chair. Four hours later he experienced sudden left hand numbness lasting two hours. There were no other associated symptoms except for the generalized weakness and lightheadedness. He denied vertigo.

He had been experiencing falling spells without associated LOC up to several times a month for the past year.

MEDS: procardia SR, Lasix, Ecotrin, KCL, Digoxin, Colace, Coumadin.

PMH: 1)8/92 evaluation for presyncope (Echocardiogram showed: AV fibrosis/calcification, AV stenosis/insufficiency, MV stenosis with annular calcification and regurgitation, moderate TR, Decreased LV systolic function, severe LAE. MRI brain: focal areas of increased T2 signal in the left cerebellum and in the brainstem probably representing microvascular ischemic disease. IVG (MUGA scan)revealed: global hypokinesis of the LV and biventricular dysfunction, RV ejection Fx 45% and LV ejection Fx 39%. He was subsequently placed on coumadin severe valvular heart disease), 2)HTN, 3)Rheumatic fever and heart disease, 4)COPD, 5)ETOH abuse, 6)colonic polyps, 7)CAD, 8)CHF, 9)Appendectomy, 10)Junctional tachycardia.

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